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"VOICE" - a song for charity.  

My name is Hideo Saito and I'm a composer, guitar player and a music producer working professionally in Japan. Thank you for stopping by.

As you know, a very strong earthquake and huge tsunami hit the northern part of japan on March 11th at 2:46 pm. The damage was far beyond our imagination. It was and still is devastating. I don't want to count the numbers of the victims here.... it's so sad.... After this tragic event, so many prayers and heartfelt comments
have been posted on many Facebook Pages from people all over the world. But unfortunately, these comments probably didn't reach the people who really deserve it due to harsh environment they are in.
So I wanted to do something about it. And here is my plan.

I have made a song entitled "VOICE", and I want to include your voice in the recording. In this way you can tell the people of Japan and the world your concern.

How do we do that? Well,I wanted to make it as simple as possible for me and for you, so I decided to use Skype for the recording. The sound quality won't be great but I believe that isn't the top priority here. I want to record not only the audio but, if possible, also video capture your performance to make the music video at the same time.
The song is very simple, and you don't have to sing like a professional. What I want is like a huge chorus like you hear at rock concerts. Everybody singing together from their heart. So please don't worry about your singing ability. The lyrics are in English and in Japanese. You're welcome to sing in both or just one.

When it's completed, I will release the song from iTunes (Music/Music Video/App) all over the world and donate all the profit I get from it to the Japanese Red Cross. Wouldn't it be exciting to have your performance sold on iTunes? Furthermore, it will be heard by many people including those who are having hard time in Japan. Please help me complete this song. It's something no one has ever done before. Song born from SNS (social networking service).

For those of you who have enough courage to take part in this project, I must ask you to agree with the following simple conditions; that you will let me include your performance free of charge and that you will let me use it in a song that will be sold for the purpose of donation.
I'll be waiting to hear from you.
Thank you.


Song sounds like this.  


Hideo Saito / Manaho Mori

Just take my hand
I'll be your strength
The dawn will break
So leave all your troubles behind
Look up the sky
And spread your wings
Let's sing our song
When you need a shoulder to cry
Hitoli jyanai (You're not alone)

Just take my hand
I'll ease your pain
The dawn will break
So leave all your worries behind
Light up your heart
Your weary eyes
Let's sing our song
When you need a shoulder to cry
You're not alone

Naitemo iikala (It might make you cry)
Anatano yumeo kikasete (But let me hear your dream)
Sonomeno (utsulu) kanashimini (subete) (To the sadness in your eyes)
Kitto todok ashitaga kulukala (Tomorrow will be there)
Hitoli jyanai (You're not alone)

Tsukihiwa sugitemo (Even the time passes by)
Kieteshimau omoidewa naikala (There is no memory to be erased)
Kotaewa (imawa) naikedo (shinjite) (Even though we have no answer now)
Anatato mata alukidashitai (We wish to start moving on again with you)
Hitoli jyanai (You're not alone)

All rights reserved. Sidekick Inc. 2011


Stage 1 - preparation:  

1. Download the song's mp3 file and lyric. The track has sample vocals in it to give you an idea of the melody and the lyrics. We also use this as a karaoke track for you to sing along to.

Download mp3 File
Download lyric

2. Send me an email when you're ready to sing. I need to know when you are sitting in front of your computer and are ready to sing. I will reply to inform you of my Skype account and when I'll be available sitting in front of my computer and are ready to record your singing. My email address is


3. Please tell me how you want your name to be credited. It will be used in the music video, and possibly in the promotion video footage. Any kind of handle is fine. Of course your real name is also welcomed.

The time difference will be our biggest problem when dealing with something like this. The following will give you an idea of time differences between me (in Japan) and you or maybe your neighbour.

Korea +0hours
The Philippines +1hours
Taiwan +1hours
India +3.5hours
Kazakhstan +3hours
Russia (Moscow) +5hours (summer time)
Egypt +6hours (summer time)
Greece +6hours (summer time)
Serbia +7hours (summer time)
Germany +7hours (summer time)
UK +8hours (summer time)
USA (New York) +13hours (summer time)
USA (Los Angels) +16hours (summer time)
USA (Hawaii) +19hours


Stage 2 - the recording:  

1. Play back the music on your computer or any kind of player that can play back the mp3 files you've downloaded.

2. Sing along with that karaoke, to your microphone connected to your Skype.
It's OK to use your computer's internal microphone but if you have an external microphone, like a USB connected mic, that would be better as quality really helps.

3. I want you to remember that you have to playback the karaoke track at the same time as you use Skype.

4. Please use your headphones or earphones to listen to the karaoke. So that I can catch only your voice through Skype.

The song starts with a guitar instrumental, and vocals come in from the chorus part. I will capture your performance (audio and video) on my computer, and add them to the song later. You are welcome to bring your friends together to sing with you.

If you can record your vocal on your own,using any kind of audio recording software,it is more than welcome to do so. Please send the completed file to voice@sidekick-inc.com. And don't forget to shoot the video when you sing.

The recordings will be used only for the purpose of producing this song. I will not use it for any other purposes.



I agree to present my singing performance free of charge for the purpose of recording the song "VOICE".
I agree to present my visual performance and still images free of charge for the purpose of making the music video "VOICE", and for promotional use.
I agree not to receive any royalty payment that may occur due to my performance and appearance in the song "VOICE" by selling it.
I agree that the song "VOICE", along with my performance, will be used free of charge for promotional purposes.

("I" in theses sentences will be you. I will ask you for your verbal agreement when we talk over the Skype and I will record it along with your singing for the record.)


iTunes is available in following countries. I hope yours is included. If not, I will make an arrangement and get one for you, so please let me know.

Australia / Belgium / Canada / Denmark / Germany / Spain / Finland / France / Greece / Ireland / Italy / Luxembourg / Mexico / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Austria / Portuguese / Switzerland / Sweden / UK / USA / Japan

iTunes App Store is available in following countries.
(You need iPhone or iPad to run the application)

Argentina / Armenia / Botswana / Brazil / Bulgaria / Chile / China / Colombia / Costa Rica/ Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Dominican Republic / Ecuador / Egypt/ El Salvador / Estonia / Guatemala / Honduras / Hong Kong / Hungary / India / Indonesia / Israel / Jamaica / Jordan / Kazakhstan / Kenya / Latvia / Lebanon / Lithuania / Macau / Macedonia / Madagascar / Malaysia / Mali/ Mauritius / Nicaragua / Niger / Pakistan/ Panamá / Paraguay / Perú / Philippines / Poland / Qatar / Republic of Malta / Republic of Moldova / Romania / Russia / Saudi Arabia / Senegal / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Africa / Sri Lanka / Taiwan / Thailand / Tunisia / Turkey / Uganda / United Arab Emirates/ Uruguay / Venezuela / Vietnam / 대한민국


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