Voices From The World Project

"VOICE" - a song for charity.  

It all started from a very strong earthquake and huge tsunami hit northern part of Japan on March 11th at 2:46 pm 2011. After this tragic event, so many prayers and heartfelt comments have been posted on many Facebook Pages from people all over the world. But unfortunately, these comments probably didn't reach the people who really deserve it due to harsh environment they were in.
So I have came up with the idea to collect those "voices" from around the world and put them together as a song. I've imagined of huge chorus you hear at rock concerts. And it took me more than two and a half years to finish everything.

Well the result is ....... much greater than I expected.
My friends, along with people I have known through Facebook and You Tube sent me the files of their performances on line. Some of them performed in front of their camera using Skype. I haven't even met some of the members.
I believe this is something no one has ever done before. A song born from SNS (social networking service)
It also is a supporter's song for the victims of natural disaster happening all over the world.

I would like to thank all the members who performed in this song for throwing away all their rights to be paid for their appearance. I really appreciate it.
The profit I get from this song will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Hideo Saito


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Drums : John Salter / Australia
Bass : Deven Azevedo / Canada
Guitar : Richie Castellano / USA
Keyboard : Miki Branescu / Romania
Vocal : Choi Sung Won / Korea
Vocal : Ida Elena / Italy+Germany
Vocal : Mariko Engels / Germany+Philippine
Vocal : Remi Asha Haida / Bangladesh+Korea+Japan
Vocal : Anna Ichinose / Ireland+Japan
Vocal : Alex Ichinose / Ireland+Japan
Vocal : Carol Ann Ichinose / Ireland
Vocal : Jang Yeon Joo / Korea
Vocal : Vildan Kara / Turkey
Vocal : Manaho Mori / Japan
Vocal : Tasha Osenina / Ukraine
Vocal : Reach / Japan
Vocal : Sascha / Germany+Japan
Vocal : Shoot / Japan
Vocal : Asami Tachibana / Japan
Vocal : Kohei Yajima / Japan
Vocals : Hiroko Yamasaki / Japan
Mix : Adrian Hall / UK
Guitar and Vocals : Hideo Saito / Japan


Thanks fro watching.

A special livestream program Introducing "VOICE" on November 30.

You can see the recordings at the links below.



Guest MC : MrSascha Boeckle
Guest : Manaho Mori
Remi Asha Haida

Host : Hideo Saito